Carl Jarnhagen

Name: Carl Jarnhagen
Age: 17
Weight/ height: 72kg/ 182cm
Hometown: Jönköping, Sweden

o 2nd place Swedish National Championchips XCE
o 3rd place Swedish National Champinionchips XCO
o 2nd place Härnösand XCO
o 2nd place Säter XCO
o 2nd place Swedish National Championchips CX

Where is your favourite place to ride?
I’ve been in a lot of great places for a bikeride, but what tops the list is Huskvarna.
What do you do when you’re not on your bike?
I lika to hang out with friends, travel and enjoy sunny and warm weather.
What has been your biggest achievement in your career as a cyclist?
My 28th place in one of the stages is the European Championships in Graz.
What does ”The race is never over” mean to you?
That even though it is tough some times, both on the bike and of the bike, you just got to fight on and everything will be okay.
What inspires you?
Motivated people that have found what they want to do in life and does it by 100%.
Tell us something that most people do not know about you?
That I like handball almost as much as I like cycling. I practiced handball alongside with cycling before, but I quit 2015 to put all my commitment into cycling.
Do you have any particularly goals for 2017?
To get in top 20 in a World Cup race, the European Championships and the World Championships. (Men’s junior)